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Anglais [eBook]  The cove


The award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Serena returns to Appalachia following WWI to tell the story of a German prisoner who escapes an internment camp in North Carolina and the woman who saves his life. Laurel Shelton and her brother Hank are living out on farmland in the shadow of a deep cove the locals say is cursed. And maybe it is. Laurel is born with a large birthmark that neighbors take as a sign of witchery. Hank loses an arm while serving overseas in WWI. When Hank falls in love with a woman who refuses to live there, Hank secretly plans to leave his sister behind. But Laurel's fate is forever altered when she comes upon a stranger in the woods one day, a stranger she saves from a near-fatal accident. With only a simple haversack of worldly belongings, including his treasured flute and a note explaining that he is mute and bound for New York, the stranger slowly insinuates himself into life in the Cove, helping Hank on the farm, playing his ethereal music in the long twilit evenings, and, eventually, bringing Laurel the only real happiness she has ever known. But when Laurel stumbles onto his real identity, she realizes the profound danger they are in, not only from men like Chauncey Feith, an army recruiter determined to show his mettle by stoking fear and outrage over all things German (harassing an aging language professor at the nearby college, purging the library of any suspect foreign material), but also from her own brother, Hank, whose rage at the enemy who maimed him is barely contained beneath his placid surface. In a page-turning climax as heart-rending and tightly plotted as the brilliant dénouement of Serena, these characters lock horns with history and reveal Ron Rash once again to be a masterful novelist at the height of his powers.

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Ron Rash

La prose admirable de Ron Rash, marquée par l'influence de la poésie galloise dont il est imprégné de par ses origines, et par le respect absolu de la nature. On peut parler de "nature writing" dans la mesure où son mantra est "le paysage - en l'occurrence les Appalaches - est le destin", mais aussi de dramaturgie antique. L'émotion pudique dégagée par un texte où le passage à l'âge adulte se fait sans mièvrerie, mais sans pour autant échapper aux pièges du mensonge et de la dissimulation.

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