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  • In "Governess Dominates Couple," Rob & Jayce discover the pleasures and the terrors of being utterly subjugated to the will of their stern, middleaged, Swedish Governess, Mistress Svar, who mercilessly and with the active support of Jayce's biochemist mother, Helene "milks" them both, quickly draining even the possibility of resistance. In "Punishment Incorporated," Judith's mildly dim husband deaf, dumb, and blind to the fact that he married a succubus sends her to the basement of a local, strip mall, sex shop, to learn submission. She goes willingly genuinely hoping that she can change but quickly shifts from client to Mistress. The job of "The Sexual Narratologist"? It's either your fondest dream or your worst nightmare. Three couples engage his services. For $1000, he'll direct your sex life for a full week. Running out of fantasies and ideas? Bored and blasé? Getting tempted to look elsewhere? What do modern people do with any problem? Outsource! Works out well . . . most of the time.

  • As far back as Barbara Taylor could remember, she enjoyed being the center of attention. Throughout her life she enjoyed manipulating friends, family and romantic partners to get what she wanted. Later in life she learns to manipulate men with sexual seduction. Follow Barbara on her journey to becoming a dominatrix where her power over men leads her to great wealth and romance. As far back as Barbara Taylor could remember, she enjoyed being the center of attention. Throughout her life she enjoyed manipulating friends, family and romantic partners to get what she wanted. Later in life she learns to manipulate men with sexual seduction. Follow Barbara on her journey to becoming a dominatrix where her power over men leads her to great wealth and romance.

  • Hank's living a dream life - a successful stockbroker with a hot car and a hot wife, who just happens to be a top surgeon. He's also a cheating snake, who knows he's bound to get caught. If his private playroom suite is discovered, he'll be on his way to Ecuador in a heartbeat. What he doesn't count on is one of his mistreated bimbos blowing the whistle, leaving him chained and gagged in the fun closet of his penthouse suite. Wife Melinda's wrath is matched only by her cunning intelligence. Seems Hank `accidentally' drives his fancy sports car off a cliff, nothing left other than matching the DNA in the tattered remnants found in the wreckage. Ah, but Hank lives on! Sort of. His life changes forever, as he becomes his wife's masterpiece of the surgical arts, shown off to `the girls' at cocktail parties, at charity events and made available to just about anyone who wants an interesting, if a bit unusual, lay. He becomes Holly, a hybrid boy/girl, anatomically 100% female in every respect, while in his head, where his wife cannot reach, he's still a man.

  • Catherine returns in this sequel to Catherine's Dream, just as she and her Dominant lover Sam have become engaged. Enter Caitlin, Sam's ward since her father died and her mother ran off. He introduces her to Cat and their lover Maddie, in hopes that the two can take her under their wing. They teach young woman about makeup, fashion and other girly things, and in the process, Caitlin transforms into quite a knockout. She also comes to terms with her secret love for Sam, who has taken care of her for so many years. Once she confesses her love, Sam finds himself falling in love with her. When Caitlin moves into the lake house with the threesome, she quickly becomes a part of their polyamorous love nest. As life shifts for Cat and Maddie, they decide they want to marry, while giving their blessing to a marriage between Sam and Caitlin. Only later does Catherine realize that she's still in love with Sam. An unexpected turn in their relationship will bring both joy and uncertainty to all four in this kinky quartet.

  • The Princess of a small African country is afforded the company of a human teddy bear a blond boy of unknown origin. The Dominant and devious nurse uses the boy to teach and mold the Princess into the most Dominant of females, denying the boy clothing and using his anatomy to instruct the Princess on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the male gender. In time, an evil doctor castrates the boy and inserts penal implants... thus the Princess can have her cake and eat it too! No risk of procreation, but a permanently stiffened organ constantly available to satisfy her girlish pleasure. Upon the death of the King, the Princess becomes the Queen, where her unusual upbringing imbues her with an aura of power and admirable selfconfidence. She easily assumes her duties of omnipotent ruler, having been well served in her youth dominating her male companion. The Queen finds the Palace dungeon to be an ideal facility for the imprisonment of border intruders and treasonist, foolishly proud males. Her goal is to turn her dungeons into a showcase of her power. Written in the traditional 'gothic' style of Chris Bellows, the male concubine undergoes thorough domination by the Superior sex. Other miscreant males find themselves serving as beasts of burden on the doctor's farm. NOTE: This book is not for the uninitiated reader of Femdom D/s literature. For those merely curious about erotica, do no select this for your first read.

  • "Know that other ladies will also train you, use you. But be warned, slave Kyle, any report I get that you didn't give the utmost and I will be most displeased. And then you'll find out just how much your domina is a bitch." Thus cautioned, Kyle submits to Emory, a woman who has appeared in his dreams and who possesses powers of domination beyond the physical world. But as Kyle endures the tests of the Haven, a mysterious place of leather clad women and their slaves not on any map, not all is at it seems. There is another place only whispered about by the dominant ladies, where Lilith holds sway in the underworld, and where Kyle goes due to the secret machinations of yet a more powerful mistress. This mistress the others call the Domina, the goddess whom allowed Kyle entrance to the Haven, and whom Kyle must ultimately submit to, if he ever wants to be reunited with his beloved Emory.

  • Wendy is a pretty, twentysomething with an eyecatching figure. Her Air Force dad has raised her to be tough and take care of herself. She dabbles in naughty sexual adventures and is more than excited when her bisexual girlfriend, Debbie, seduces her, teaching her about sex toys and how to pleasure a woman. While she may be addicted to cock, now she's addicted to pussy, too! When she meets Scott at her favorite western bar, she thinks he could be more than just a Friday night fuck. The two date for the next three years, but not exclusively. He takes her to a nudist resort, where Wendy sees more cock in thirtyseconds than she had seen in the previous twentysix years. While Scott becomes her beerdrinking, cowboy buddy, Wendy is still unsure if her feelings for him are really love. Then, just as their relationship starts to heat up, she meets John, a handsome, dignified, champagne drinking, professional. She's immediately smitten, and her love life more complicated! It'll take a show down between her two lovers at the Wrangler Bar for Wendy to decide which man she truly loves.

  • Successful business owner Robin Miranda is a sister, wife and mother with intense sexual desires. When a one-night stand turns her on to an internet dating site, she hooks up with Thick Rod and becomes his online slave. He ignites the hidden fantasies she craves and she wants more. Given a choice between showing her face on the web and her fear of loneliness, she releases the blindfold, which will change her life forever. When the telephone rings, she becomes a real-time slave to both men and women. Eventually, her husband divorces her, she loses the company her daddy built and Randy, her son's best friend, becomes her keeper. From the cargo hold of a navy blue van, men buy her on the street. She has sex with women, makes pornographic movies, suffers unconscionable emotional trauma and is reborn. What secret controls her destiny? What mysteries hide in her closet? Will Thick Rod and her real life addiction destroy her?

  • Julie is a shapely hot blonde of thirty-two years. Bisexual? Lesbian. She's not quite sure. She masturbates thinking of male movie idols and hot rock stars. But it's Ms. Shaffer, her art class college professor who first seduces her - much to Julie's delight. Even though Julie goes back and forth from women to men, depending on her mood, she's always felt she more lesbian than bisexual. Her girlfriends introduce her to swinging, pussy and butthole parties, and a variety of naughty sex toys. She even learns a bit about BDSM from her good friend Sandy, whose fascination for kinky sex has led her to the Floggery, where she's flogged by the sexy Sir Stephen. While Julies decides that whips and bondage are not for her, she's busy enjoying her sexual exploits with the men and women that pass through her life. However, when it comes to love, Julie's repeatedly drawn to Mark, an old high school friend. They've gone from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers. Could he be that one special someone? Or will her wild bi-sexual ride continue.

  • Collars, canes, paddles, straps and hot Wicked Women! A Collection of Twelve Femdom Tale featuring punishment, discipline and lots of OTK. From the author or Night Classes, The Velvet Cage and Tales from the Edge. After repeated hints from her boyfriend, Alvin, Leanne decides to grant him his wish in Teaching Him a Lesson. Then in Waiting for It, after an erotic interlude with his wife, Catherine, Stephen is left in limbo wondering if it will be repeated. And in Male Order, Alex can't resist responding to a strict lady's advert for a man that knows his place. In Just Ask¸ Larry is driven to distraction when he discovers a secret about his brother's beautiful wife, Sandra. Then a lonely hospital porter goes to the fleshpot of Soho to fulfill his sexual fantasy in All in the Mind. And it's quite a meeting when the ten Ladies in Leather hold their annual meeting accompanied by their ten male assistants. With conflicting accounts to consider, it's up to the reader to decide which is the correct version of events in Stand Corrected. Meanwhile a young lodger won't be forgetting His landlady, Mrs. Spearing in Different Times. And when Elizabeth discovers her that husband has a dark secret, she's ready for revenge in The Deal.

  • From the Author of Violated Men, Degraded Men and Sarah's Steed, comes another collection of hot Femdom Stories. While some are soft, and some are sweet, and others shockingly harsh, each one is sure to be horrifying by the time you reach the finish. Features desiring submissive men who find their long held sexual fantasies turning into reallife nightmares of sexual slavery to cruel and demanding women. From "The Large Brown Paper Bag", where what starts as a minor request by his bridetobe turns into a slippery slope that leads to full blown slavery, to "The Guy Under the Table", where a chance encounter in a bar becomes a life of servitude, each of these stories develops that special feeling only well written femdom can generate.

  • The Sisterhood of the Oculus rules Shatra with mystic arts. The power required is sexually siphoned from sacrificial ejaculators. Yet endless generations of domination have sapped the vitality of the Empire's males. Having achieved the means to abduct `energy vessels' from the fantastically advanced reality known as America, Empress Jia believes she's found a reprieve from her society's demise. Captured Californian Drake Green not only survives having his seed repeatedly leeched, he willingly thrives, wallowing in being victimized. If they can discover what makes this vessel so exceptional, fewer abductees will be needed, and the Sisterhood survives. Enthralled by the alluring warriorwitch Jia, Drake cannot but obey his brawnybeautiful new ruler. Despite the abhorrence of betraying his origins (and the surety that his aid is hastening his fatal replacement), the besotted sacrifice is forced to guide Jia on a predatory quest back to America. Inspired to find an endless supply of similarly vital men, the voracious succubus cuts a swathe through the LA fetish scene. Addicted to the lavish vitality of aggressivelybred men, Jia is content to stay and torment her pet indefinitely. The sadistic sorceress even attempts to augment their respective sexual equipment! Meanwhile Shatra's peril swells apace. It's not until undue notoriety forces Jia's attempted return that she learns the qualities they went in quest of may have been available all along - and will be needed like never previous.

  • The narrator of this story dreams of a place where his BDSM and sexual fantasies can be lived 24/7. He buys a deserted farm and immediately, the female county agent figures out what he's planning and wants in. It's hard to keep a secret. As is the plan, two male tops run the place and arrange to live with three or four gorgeous women in a country setting. They have a great time. Spanking, flogging and other punishments are meted out to the women for even minor infractions of daily routine. Break a dish? Spend the weekend in a tiny cage where you cannot stand, sit or kneel. Heavy chains are the standard uniform. Discipline hoods and punishment harnesses are the dress code. But no matter what, the women are always gagged. There are gags of all kinds. Some merely token, but most are essentially functional, many designed to totally silence the wearer for long periods. There are no panties stuffed into a woman's mouth and held there with duct tape - except when nothing else is handy. But they're just a temporary silencer until the next mouth-sealing device is inserted and locked into place.

  • Damon's an outdoorsman, with a popular Netflix series detailing his exploits. His wife Carrie is the journalist who writes about his many daring deeds. The Lodge is where they go to relax from their busy lives. When Carrie finally informs her husband that the Lodge is too big and too grand for her to do her work, she awakens one morning to find a dozen workmen on the property, constructing a small hideaway for her tucked into the woods. A glass house. Hers alone-with unexpected benefits. It began with an orgy months before the glass house was erected, when Carrie, Damon and his four best friends were sharing pot, liquor and pizza before a cozy fire in the Lodge's main room. When her lips met Jerry's for an unexpected kiss and they began to fool around, the other men joined in until Damon's new bride was fucked by all four - while Damon watched with a sly smirk. In the next few years, the four friends arrive separately at Carrie's glass house door, and she welcomes them in. The sex is hot. The fun gets kinky. Even a little savage as her lovers slake their lust and hers.

  • Illustrations ONLY available in Paperback version. To live the full experience, please purchase the paperback. The Contract, by JGLeathers was previously published as two separate books by Gord Books. The author has not only combined these powerful stories into one stunning novel, but added 40,000 words and ten of his own sketches. The complete complement of all the original illustrations by Simon Benson are also included; made available with the gracious permission of Gord." Susan Henderson is a bored young woman looking for some spice in her life. Upon reading an advertisement in an upscale women's magazine that stated "excellent pay" was being offered for a five year, foreign service position, provided the applicant passed rigorous intelligence, appearance, and aptitude tests. She is soon enticed into a world of everincreasing, inescapable bondage, then soon held deep in the fastness of a Middle Eastern Palace. Here she learns her true place in life, discovering a world within her own mind that also cannot be escaped or evaded. Susan Henderson's voyage continues when she is inducted into different deviant training programs. Much to her distress, she soon discovers what it is like to be a domestic animal and spends a substantial length of time in this role. She is eventually freed to be taken on a shopping expedition in the real world, controlled thoroughly at all times. Soon after, she becomes a human equine, undergoing intense training as a Horse Woman, then as a four legged, ridden Pony Girl, and finally, as one of the Sheik's famous Lipizzaner Mares. JG Leather's proves he is the professor of prose with his finely tuned descriptions.

  • Vanquished Men


    Femdom. Femdom Author Orlando's latest installment in the "Men" series - another collection of Female Domination Stories. In Two Dog Night Jimmy is convinced to don a dog costume to win a prize that results in a lifetime as a puppy. Then poor Brian's mistake in Piggy reveals his submissiveness to his neighbors as he ends up becoming a piggy for them and his wife - for life! And in Her Maid a stupid bet causes Chad to become Fifi, his wife's maid. When he dares to engineer an escape, the unthinkable happens. These stories and many others are full of memorable themes. Femdom at its best! Sometimes with straight forward descents into hell, sometimes with twist and turns as a poor wretch is turned into a thing that he never dreamed of becoming and sometimes just a simple chance encounter leads to a life of sexual slavery for a man who never dreamed he could be so tricked.

  • T wo novellas about men obsessed with women who are both captive and captivating. "Breedlowe's Obsession," that's what the old boys called it, most often followed by a nudge, and a knowing wink. But they would never know, or even suspect, the lengths to which that obsession will be carried, once their former classmate has acquired the necessary wealth and considerable leisure to fully indulge his insatiable appetite for feminine beauty. "Nathan's Circle" - that was the name the five women gave themselves as a sort of joke. They might laugh among themselves, but each knew that she and her sisters were bound to the man, inextricably drawn by the magnetic force of his powerful personality. Once captured, they were held in place by their shared addiction to the curious little sex toys he had devised for their pleasure. Nathan knew what it took to turn a girl on - even by remote control!

  • Diana

    John Ponder

    Spies Amora and Luna are sent to the planet Diana undercover. The two are lesbian lovers. Their assignment is to sleep with the powerful men who have conquered this female dominated planet and learn their secrets. While the Federation of planets drove the invaders off, the raped women of Diana will soon give birth to their children. It's decided that the male babies must be controlled. They devise a method of doing this so extreme that it's kept secret. Once on Diana, Amora and Luna are allowed only in the tourist islands, where visitors can act out their wildest fantasies. The rest of the planet is strictly off limits. Tensions grow between the lesbian couple when Amora's desire for sex with men is reawakened through meeting submissive men she finds there.

  • As this sequel to The Sessions opens, Kat, Meg, and Courtney are slaves to the wealthy and mysterious Dominant Paul Ulbrecht, with whom they live in a polyamorous, D/s relationship. Not only does Paul use them for his own pleasure, they serve at his frequent play parties. Meanwhile, his elegant clothingoptional resort in the Caribbean, Star Fall, covertly caters to the D/s community, where his slaves, Claire, his business protégé, and Tom reside. Paul maintains that his relationship with Tom is strictly about domination, not sex. As a deeper relationship between slave Kat and Paul develops, Kat's determined to marry to him, though she hesitates to upset the group's stable "family." When her desires set off a competition with Claire, Kat's confused. Everything seems up in the air. Will the game upset the very relationships Kat wants desperately to preserve? Will she lose both Paul and Meg whom she loves equally? Will she get what she wants or more than she bargained for? The group's adventures move from affluent New England to New York City and to a sundrenched island in the Caribbean

  • Khanna is the epitome of dominant female, five-feet-eight, dazzling blue eyes, toned body and 38 DD breasts. She's a stunning, highly sexed warrior, a woman in charge, and this is the story of her quest to avenge her family's brutal murder. As a member of the Mitsi tribe in the south of Kalifstan, she travels north to the city of Daqan in an attempt to exact revenge on the man she holds responsible, the odious King Gregore of the Hackham tribe. Along the way, there are numerous explicit and exciting sexual adventures including serving wenches, soldiers, a randy troll, threesomes, sex with an Incubus, the taking of a farmhand's virginity and much more. Will Khanna ever reach the evil King? Will she ever make it out of the gorgeous older woman's bedroom? Expect plenty of sword fights and gruesome deaths along the way as Khanna encounters enemy soldiers, mythical beasts among lots of X-rated romps! s to reveal himself, he gives her an ultimatum. Will she accept his demands to find out the truth of his identity

  • Five devilish novellas featuring wicked women who bring the men in their lives to heel. Playing to the Gallery - a man reports to a woman for punishment and finds himself engrossed in an all-consuming game over which he has no control. The Old Schoolhouse - Nine `students' relive the days of yesteryear when they enroll at a day-school run by a team of female teachers. Gradually, fantasies are supplemented by the cold realization of strict discipline. For some, far more than they bargained for. The Girl in Wooden Sandals - A soldier returns home from active duty to discover life has passed him by in his absence. That is until he meets a girl who rehabilitates him in the most unusual manner. At Your Service - A husband and wife are at a loss as to what to buy each other for Christmas, until on a boozy evening, they reveal their deepest secrets. Events quickly spiral out of control. Add the help of a male escort and astonishing results ensue. Spiked Heel - An interview with a formidable woman plunges a writer into a twilight world when what should be a routine assignment quickly turns sour. Under the woman's spell, desperate to gratify her in return for her attention and ready to all but sell his soul, the writer realizes he can no longer believe what he sees or thinks is real. But does he care?

  • Reine Sharifa is not your typical Femdom Goddess. She is of Egyptian lineage with a natural abstract tattoo above her left ankle. The meaning is symbolic of her ancestry and future. She also possesses a primitive androgynous art object resembling the tattoo that serves as a connection with her ancient past. A soon to be unemployed associate professor of Medieval history at Columbia University, Micah Zunge, experiences a sexually submissive and decidedly mystical encounter with Reine at her home in Tarrytown. It's clear the connection between them is strong, which prompts Reine to tell him of the art object. The more she speaks of it, the more compelled they are to search out its meaning. And so, they travel to Toronto, to the place Reine calls her Sanctuary, which is housed in a partially converted barn. Its private patio, tall evergreens, stone walls and erotic bronze sculptures have Micah mesmerized. And it's there that this unique pairing of male and female confirm the basic character of their chosen lifestyle.

  • Owning a magnificent sailing yacht is a great way to pick up gorgeous young women. Ron Casco is good at it. He seldom leaves a short stay in port without some nice piece of female slave meat stashed in his bogus water tanks: bound, gagged and helpless. His good looks, charm and his boat help. But the real attraction for most of these women is the promise of being gagged, chained and kept. They women know it going in because he tells them, and one way or another they want it. The women are happy to leave their boring cruise ships or distant relatives whose money they live on, and head out to sea on a lovely yacht with a charming, handsome man who obviously wants them...for reasons that will soon become clear. Which means his boat is a slave ship, sailing to exotic places where he sells his slaves.And then there is one captive in particular, Leanne, a frustrated woman who has never had an orgasm. In a convoluted way, this is her story. Featuring all the usual BDSM acts and toys and devices. Naturally, the events are all consensual..

  • Imagine an unusual University, one that proudly advertises itself to its conservative students and their families as promoting corporal punishment for disciplining wayward pupils. Every dorm has a dais in its living room upon which miscreants can look forward to having their youthful bodies bent over a horse and restrained in front of the avid eyes of their peers. Pleated plaid uniform skirts will be ceremoniously raised and conservative white cotton panties will be lasciviously lowered to offer up bare young buttocks to receive their just desserts from the leather paddles of their stern House Mothers and Head Girls. Girls whose feminine parts are observed to respond with arousal to their spanking are offered special private punishment that combines detailed chastisement of their erogenous zones with unimaginably gratifying sexual satisfaction. This is done in order to addict them to the world of painful pleasures as well as to recruit the next generation of perverted leaders to bend, bare, and belabor the trembling bottoms of the next generation of naughty girls and boys.