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  • At home : autumn-winter Nouv.

    Hélène Darroze quite simplyFor the first time, Hélène Darroze, in this book, offers us recipes that she cooked, created and photographed, at her home, with her two daughters. You'll discover glimpses of this intimate setting through her grandmother's chequered tablecloth, her personal photos, her tips and secrets, as well as in the famous dishes of her native South-western France. It is a return to one's sources in which one cooks with good products, with tenderness and passion, for those one loves: the best ingredients to make spontaneous, generous, authentic and irresistible recipes!
    You'll find over 50 recipes among which: "Honey-glazed pumpkin soup,' "Potato and Béarnaise andouille cake,' "Tarte tatin with chicory heads and cumin,' "Risotto with ceps,' "Hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz 'Ttoro' style,' "Milk-fed leg of lamb from the Pyrénées roasted with garlic,' "Blanquette of veal,' "Pork sausage with whole-grain mustard,' "Lemon loaf,' "'Grandmother's' apple tart,' "Melting chocolate cake,' etc.

  • At home : spring-summer Nouv.

    After Chez moi Automne-Hiver [At My Home, Autumn-Winter], here is the second volume devoted to spring and summer recipes.After a first volume devoted to autumn and winter recipes, Hélène Darroze invites us here to celebrate warm sunny days with recipes prepared with her daughters and photographed in the privacy of her home. Simply and spontaneously, she shares her tips and advice with us for making delicious and authentic dishes to be savoured with friends or family when fine weather arrives. A genuine ode to sharing and gourmandise, in the sun of her native south-western France!
    You'll find, among others, in this book with over 50 recipes: "White asparagus from the Landes, egg and caper sauce,' "Tarte Tatin with new shallots, honey and rosemary,' "Risotto with cooked and raw green asparagus,' "Roasted langoustines in their shell with salted butter,' "Black bream roasted on a platter with fava beams and confit lemon,' "My grandmother Charlotte's stuffed tomatoes,' "Pure pork sausage in puff pastry with mustard and cumin,' "Fromage blanc tart rhubarb and strawberry compote with elder blossom syrup,' "Omelette with cherry preserves and fresh mint,' "All-chocolate cake with strawberries' and so many others...

  • Hiroo Mochizuki est le premier Japonais à enseigner le karaté en France. Venu à la demande de Henry Plée, il s'installa à Paris, se maria à une Française et finalement épousa la France, sans pour autant rompre avec sa culture. Cet ouvrage est une biographie non exhaustive, une sorte de livre de souvenirs illustré de photos, d'archives personnelles et de documents d'époque. Il est émaillé d'anecdotes autour de certains des personnages, parents, relations, qui ont joué à un moment ou à un autre, de près ou de loin, un rôle sur son parcours personnel et celui de sa famille. Écrites à la demande de nombreux proches, enseignants, élèves, ces chroniques intéresseront le lecteur pratiquant d'arts martiaux mais aussi ceux s'intéressant au Japon.

  • Taiji Kase (1929 - 2004) a formé presque tous les cadres du karaté français. 10e dan de karaté, maître Taiji Kase a vécu en France presque 40 ans. Combattant hors-pair, il était chargé dans les années 60 de relever les défis lancés à la j.k.a., la puissante fédération Shôtôkan japonaise. Arrivé en France en 1967, il enseigna 5 ans au karaté Club de France, le dojo de Henry Plée, premier club de karaté d'Europe, avant de créer son propre dojo et de voir défiler ceux qui deviendront les plus grands noms du karaté. Ses livres sur les katas ont été les plus étudiés des années 1970 à 2000. Cet ouvrage reprend tous les katas supérieurs traditionnels du Shôtôkan, ainsi que Ten no kata, auxquels s'ajoutent les deux katas créés par maître Kase : les Heian oyo et Tekki oyo.

  • Ce lexique multilingue est un recueil de plus de 8 000 termes français traduits en cinq langues : anglais, allemand, espagnol, italien et portugais.
    Entièrement dédié au domaine de la vigne et du vin, il traite de climatologie, de géographie, de géologie, de botanique, de viticulture, d'oenologie, de vinification ou encore de dégustation.
    Il constitue un outil de travail incontournable pour tous les étudiants et professionnels de la filière : chercheurs, viticulteurs, oenologues, journalistes, sommeliers...

  • The must-read summary of Anthony Robbins' book: "Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny".
    This complete summary of the ideas from Anthony Robbins' book "Awaken The Giant Within" shows that by making a few alterations to what you believe, you have the power to take your fate into your hands and get exactly what you want in any area of your life. In this summary, the subject of identity is discussed, along with other fascinating topics such as destiny or the necessity to take full advantage of our time. Discover how a new perspective on these fundamental concepts can change your life. 
    Added-value of this summary: 
    o Save time 
    o Understand key concepts 
    o Expand your self-knowledge
    To learn more, read "Awaken the Giant Within" and discover how a new perspective on fundamental concepts can lead you to professional success.

  • Le livre à lire absolument pour ne plus avoir peur en avion !
    Le transport aérien n'a jamais été un tel motif de curiosité, d'anxiété, d'appréhension et de colère  ; pour des millions de personnes, voyager en avion est une véritable épreuve effrayante, nimbée d'un voile de mystère.  Patrick Smith, pilote de ligne en activité, vous livre tous les secrets de l'univers fascinant de l'aviation et de ses coulisses, sans langue de bois ni préjugé  !
    - Des réponses claires aux questions que l'on se pose tous  : comment volent les avions ? quelles sont les causes des turbulences  ?
    - Une remise en perspective du terrorisme et un regard controversé sur les mesures de sécurité.
    /> - La vraie histoire derrière le surbooking, les retards et les dysfonctionnements dans les aéroports modernes.
    - Les mythes et les idées fausses sur ce qui se passe dans le cockpit et le pilotage automatique, la formation des pilotes.
    - Les tarifs, les désagréments liés aux sièges et les gouffres que sont les files d'attente du Service clients.

  • Flat pattern drafting and design fashion book for men's garments.
    This method uses a logical drafting technique called ""flat pattern design" that provides key formulas that apply to all fashions.
    A complete men's wardrobe can be made using this method from shirts to coats: shirts, ties, vests, knitwear, tailored pants, jeans, suits, jackets and coats in all styles (classic and timeless, fashion, luxury, sport).
    Claire Wargnier is a graduate of ESMOD, the world's oldest and most renowned fashion design school, where she was a pattern-drafting professor during thirty years. Her experience in the different sectors of the fashion industry have allowed her to adapt her teaching methods to the students' needs. She is also a consultant in the fashion industry, works and lives in Paris.

  • Avec presque 600 millions d'habitants exclus de tout service énergétique en Afrique subsaharienne, l'électrification rurale représente un enjeu majeur pour le développement du continent.
    Ce Livre Blanc a étudié 25 projets d énergie durable développés actuellement en Afrique et propose une analyse de leurs bonnes pratiques, pour comprendre quels sont les facteurs-clés de succès de ce type de projets.
    Cette version numérique est offerte par la Fondation Schneider Electric.

  • A complete course in the art Of baking with chocolate from The "harvard of gastronomy"
    Savor the culinary savoir-faire of ferrandi paris, The world-renowned cooking school
    Tempering and coating, ganaches and truffles, puff pastry and candy, chocolate ribbons and other decorative flourishes-this essential reference reveals 42 fundamental techniques to master cooking with chocolate, explained step by step through text and more than 250 photographs.
    From the classics-chocolate mousse, custard tart, éclairs, profiteroles, macarons-to celebration cakes and sophisticated plated desserts, this volume presents 76 recipes for all occasions, from quick desserts to festive specialties, for the home chef and experienced professional alike.

  • A founder of comparative anatomy and a giant of nineteenth-century biology, Georges Cuvier, and his student and colleague Achille Valenciennes, brought together all that was known about fishes in their massive 22-volume Histoire naturelle des poissons published from 1828 to 1849. Despite the passage of time, this work represents a landmark in the history of science, indispensable to systematic ichthyology and to comparative biology in general. As an introduction to this monumental work, the first volume traces the development of the study of fishes as then understood-from the earliest beginnings to the first third of the nineteenth-century-and summarizes the criteria for classification that their own work would follow. This critically important essay-one of the first attempts at a comprehensive history of any major group of organisms-now appears in English alongside the original French text, beautifully illustrated and accompanied by rich annotations and commentary, serving to bring this important text to our attention and highlighting its historical significance.

  • Prince Louis François de Bourbon-Conti - cousin of King Louis XV of France - was a patron of contemporary intellectuals such as Diderot, Beaumarchais, and Rousseau, and well-known as an avid art collector. His stroke of genius was the purchase of the Romanée vineyard, which later became known as the Romanée-Conti.
    This volume reveals the secrets of the legendary wine, which has earned a cult following of connoisseurs around the world. Following a biography of the Prince of Conti, detailed notes from recent wine tastings allow readers to identify the characteristics of this unique wine, which must be considered within the context of the Climats of Burgundy-the terroirs where the Burgundian grape varieties grow in optimal conditions. These fabled terroirs have benefited from a unique, centuries-long continuity and they were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.
    To understand Burgundy, readers must be familiar with its Climats, but also conscious of the climate-the meteorological conditions in which each vintage is created-because the production of fine wines, and especially of those made from grape varieties at the very height of maturity, resembles at times an obstacle course created by nature to play tricks on the winegrower. Laurens Delpech-through lengthy excerpts from harvest reports published since 1996 by Aubert de Villaine,
    co-director of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti-recounts the saga of successive vintages, which illuminates the difficulty of the vigneron's profession.
    This original, complete, and engaging volume brings to the forefront the duality of the Climats and climate that give rise to the finest wines in Burgundy. An excellent overview of the Romanée-Conti, it is also essential reading for those who wish to sharpen their knowledge and appreciation of Burgundian wines.

  • ¿Quién aprende, qué aprende, cómo y dónde se desarrollan dichas actividades ? Éstas son algunas cuestiones fundamentales que preocupan a los que se dedican a la enseñanza/aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera. El propósito de esta reflexión es poner al alcance de los docentes y los alumnos unos aspectos de suma trascendencia en el proceso didáctico de una lengua extranjera.

  • 120 recettes 100 % alsaciennes en français... et en alsacien ! Retrouvez toute la gastronomie alsacienne ! Voici les 120 meilleures recettes alsaciennes en langue régionale et traduites en français. Découvrez enfin la vraie recette de la Flammeküeche (tarte flambée), de la choucroute, des galettes de pommes de terre, du kouglof , et de bien d'autres spécialités alsaciennes.Une cuisine généreuse et conviviale ! Bouchées à la reine, tourte au munster, bibalakas (fromage blanc à l'alsacienne), pâté en croûte, salade de pissenlits, spätzle, coq au riesling, palette de porc fumée, pain d'épice, tarte aux myrtilles, streusel, soufflé au kirsch...E Gueter !

  • The must-read summary of Atul Gawante's book "The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right".
    This complete summary of the ideas from Atul Gawante's book "The Checklist Manifesto" shows that when solving problems, it's easy to get caught up in the complexities whilst ignoring the obvious, simple solutions. This summary highlights that every business sector can take some tips from the commercial aviation industry's emphasis on checklists. Indeed, despite the growth of super-specialisation, steps are sometimes missed, which demonstrates that problems often exist not because of a lack of knowledge, but just because routine can create complacency. 
    Added-value of this summary: 
    o Save time 
    o Understand the key concepts
    o Expand your business knowledge
    To learn more, read "The Checklist Manifesto" and reduce business failures by using checklists!

  • An inevitable Guide, An unique concept

    Between pleasure and emotion

    With this eighth edition, the VERON Champagne Guide reaches its maturity and imposes its originality.
    Faithful to its original concept, which consists in refusing to classify and mark the selected champagnes in order not to reduce them to vulgar consumer goods of which performance could be measured, it continues to develop in accordance with its editorial line.
    The 91 Champagnes selected in this VERON Champagnes Guide 2018 thanks to the numerous tastings, in total independence, offer you the opportunity to travel directly in the heart of the Champagne area, to discover the infinite wealth of it, which enabled it to enter into the UNESCO World Heritage on 4 July 2015.
    A source of fascinating encounters with professionals from Champagne (producers, wine growers and cellar masters), this book is a testimony to the extraordinary creativity of the Champenois, whose ancestral expertise, constantly reinvented, constitutes a true cultural heritage.
    Made in Champagne by Michel VERON, oenologist and oenology teacher at Lycée Viticole de la Champagne since 1991, this book published in French and English was born out of his passion for Champagne tasting, his long experience enriched with innumerable exchanges with the Champenois wine makers and his thirst for discovery...
    "Art and wine serve to bring people together." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Photo credits: Brigitte VERON

  • The present publication gathers communications from the Lille symposium selected for their quality and originality. Seventeen countries were represented, among which the United States, China, Australia, Qatar and numerous countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Aside from the conferences, many ideas and opinions were shared, a recurrent question being the very definition of sport tourism. This book will be of great interest to everyone interested by sport tourism and local sustainable development studied with a multidisciplinary approach.

  • This book has been published by Allenvi (French National Alliance for Environmental Research) to coincide with the 22nd Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) in Marrakesh. It is the outcome of work by academic researchers on both sides of the Mediterranean and provides a remarkable scientific review of the mechanisms of climate change and its impacts on the environment, the economy, health and Mediterranean societies. It will also be valuable in developing responses that draw on "scientific evidence" to address the issues of adaptation, resource conservation, solutions and risk prevention. Reflecting the full complexity of the Mediterranean environment, the book is a major scientific contribution to the climate issue, where various scientific considerations converge to break down the boundaries between disciplines.

  • BJD : Ball Jointed Doll... Trois lettres pour un objet d'une infinie complexité de fabrication pour des artistes modernes utilisant des techniques déjà éprouvées dans le passé.
    Ce tout nouveau modèle de poupée apparu il y a plus d'une dizaine d'années est devenu un vrai phénomène de mode. Concentré de savoir faire artistiques et techniques extraordinaires - modelage, peinture, couture etc..., la production de BJD a vu l'émergence d'une génération d'artistes aux talents multiples et le retour à un mode de fabrication à petite échelle, avec peu de modèles mais de qualité exceptionnelle. Des poupées uniques et originales, expression de la sensibilité d'un artiste. A découvrir dans ce livre, réunis pour la première fois, plus de 40 artistes parmi les plus grands noms.
    BJD: Ball-Jointed Doll ... Three letters for something of infinite complexity of manufacturing for modern artists using techniques already proven in the past.
    This new model of doll appeared more than a decade ago became a real phenomenon. Concentrate of extraordinary artistic and technical know-how - modelling, painting, sewing etc ..., the production of BJD saw the emergence of a generation of artists with multiple talents and the return to a small scale of manufacturing, with few models but of exceptional quality. Unique and original dolls, expression of the sensibility of an artist. Gathered for the first time, more than 40 artists among the biggest names to discover in this book.

  • Lo esencial de la hidroponía de interior y exterior.
    Los consejos expertos de William Texier para iniciarse en la jardinería hidro.

    ¿Desea usted controlar el cultivo de sus plantas, gestionar su alimentación, asegurarles una excelente salud, reducir al máximo la utilización de herbicidas y pesticidas, no depender de las inclemencias climáticas ni de la calidad de la tierra de su región? La hidroponía le será de gran ayuda en su búsqueda de un cultivo de calidad.
    Con sus detalladas explicaciones y sus 90 ilustraciones, esta versión mini del best-seller de William Texier le guiará en su andadura paso a paso en la ciudad o en el campo. Con este libro, usted evitará los errores de principiante y adquirirá rápidamente confianza en sus propios talentos de jardinero. Para disfrutar de su primera cosecha o para admirar sus flores.

  • It is said that "words are the mirror of the heart" and that they also reflect my thoughts. If I want my language to be filled with Freedom, Wisdom and Love, there are certain words or at least a certain form of language that I must use.

    Jacques Martel has acquired a great expertise in this area through his many communications with the public since 1998, as much in Quebec as in Europe.

    In this book, which he intends as a practical tool, he shares with us several keys to help us make the messages we want to transmit more easily understood by others at the level of the heart. He gives me the knowledge of certain words related to spiritual principles, which I can integrate into my ordinary language with my family, my friends, my work relationships and when I address myself to a public. The result is a more effective and a truer communication.

  • This practical handbook reveals new organic gardening techniques. It's a compendium of secrets rediscovered and innovative tips.

    Beneficial micro-organisms, bokashi or biodynamic compost, permaculture, vortex, seeds and cuttings... The Organic Grow Book opens the doors to a full-scale (r)evolution where productivity goes hand in hand with quality.
    Summer and winter, in soil or bioponic, learn to grow healthier and tastier plants - fruit, vegetables, flowers - while enhancing your own well-being and the planet's.
    With its broad array of unprecedented strategies and proven tips, this eco-responsible and highly humorous guide is a must for all mindful gardeners, whether beginners or experts.

    Photos, 3D diagrams, microscopies, step-by-step graphs... over 500 original illustrations.

    /> Addresses and websites
    Trade shows and fairs
    Over 550 professional entries

  • The resilience drive

    Alexia Michiels

    • Favre
    • 2 Août 2018

    100 practical keys to navigate through daily challenges, with joy and success. "A useful and generous book inviting us to experience daily life with joy and awareness' Frédéric Lenoir How do you honour your responsibilities without wearing yourself out? How do you achieve high objectives and still radiate? How do you live consistently abiding by your core values? An endless number of questions to which this book suggests a few answers, 100 practical keys to reinforce your personal resilience, not only to bounce back faster when facing life challenges, but also to thrive and flourish. Resilience can be learnt and cultivated!
    Supported by scientific evidence sprinkled in each chapter, this book aims at expanding your vision in order to be more conscious of the impact of your choices. By mobilising all your resources - body, heart, mind, spirit - better and more often, you will experience new habits to navigate more serenely through daily joys and challenges.
    More pleasure, more energy, more calm, more clarity, more optimism, more adaptability, more serenity and more impact: here is the promise of this book that, through simple and proven practices, invites you to activate THE RESILIENCE DRIVE!

  • Anglais Quitting smoking

    Christopher Petrel

    • Bookelis
    • 24 Novembre 2018

    Are you ready to commit to quitting smoking? That's half the battle. Now that you're taking this big step, we have lots of help available.Quitting smoking is not easy, but it's worth it! Quitting offers practical tips to help you break your nicotine addiction and kick the cigarette habit for good.